“I married a 9 year old boy because I won’t have S _X for the next nine years”

A 40-year-old lady named Thoko Mabaso said that it was time for her to find a right man for her life, a man that won’t demand s_xual satisfaction. She decided to marry a nine year old boy who is still young, and Thoko hopes that her marriage will last.

The family of the boy were speechless when they heard that their son is getting married, especially at age nine, the parents of the boy are the ones who said yes on his behalf because he is not yet 18 years of age to make his own decisions.

The attendance of the marriage was the whole village because everyone in the village wanted to know if it is true that a nine year old boy is marrying a 40-year-old woman. In another story the age of the lady was mistaken to be 59-years-old but her real age is 40.

The village didn’t believe their eyes when they got to the venue and it was true that there was a very special marriage taking place in the village.

Okay let’s be realistic now, how will a nine year old boy be able to handle a 40-year-old woman, he is young and does not know anything about marriage, I feel like Thoko is robbing off the boy his youth time to play with other boys at his age.


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