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Inside Zodwa Wabantu’s Glitzy Birthday Celebration Weekend

Dancer and entertainer, Zodwa Wabantu, celebrated her birthday on Saturday at Sunnyside Lifestyle Lounge in Tshwane. Zodwa Wabantu, real Zodwa Libram, had fans dancing alongside her.

Her birthday celebration was expected to continue until yesterday. She said this was her big day and she or he won’t reveal her age because she still has got to make any money.

Zodwa Wabantu

But I’m surrounded by friends who I work, hustle, cry, and always proud of.

“Thank God lockdown rules were eased because God loves me such a lot that I can’t celebrate my birthday reception in closed doors. I’m happy that we have the freedom to enjoy my life,” she said

She said life during lockdown was very difficult and really bad, but she survived. She said that creating money during lockdown was a drag.

She said that things are slightly going back to normal which she is fully booked until 31 December for her performances.

She said in life she has never had numerous hardships because her mind is usually on the cash.


“I do make friends, but i select my friends who are about working hard and making money. I’m keeping those friends forever. I even have never had hardships because I’m a straight talker,” she said

She said in December she is going to be an envoy for an enormous brand but wants to stay it a secret for now. i used to be born this month and can continue celebrating my birthday the entire of this month.

“Zodwa isn’t going anywhere and can continue showing off her ass,” she said. She said she’s shooting her reality show Zodwa Wabantu Uncensored Reality, and it’ll aired on Moja Love channel 157 soon.
When Zodwa took to the stage, people went crazy, and that they sang alongside her.

She went everywhere greeting and hugging people that attended her birthday celebration.


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