VIDEO: Cheating man caught at wedding as wife appears with children

A cheating man was humiliated during a wedding in Zambia after his wife and children appeared at the ceremony, according to Zambia Weddings.

“Hold on, hold on,” the woman was heard shouting as the marriage officer was telling the weds to exchange vows.

“Father, this wedding cannot go on. This man right here is my husband. I don’t know what is happening here,” the woman said as groomsmen tried to restraint her from reaching the pulpit.

“Leave me alone,” she shouted as she powered her way to the marriage officer.

The woman revealed they had not divorced with her husband and was shocked to see him wedding another woman.

“My children can you come here….this man here is my husband. We have not divorced or quarrelled.”

These are my girls,” the alleged wife said as she showed her children to the audience.

Watch the video of the married man caught wedding another woman here or below:


– SavannaNews


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