VIDEO: Pastor shave female congregants private hair before he prays for them!!!

A video of a pastor who can be seen shaving female congregants private hair in church has been trending and the Christian religious community has been left in shock.

This might be some smeer campaign used to discredit Christianity and undermine the work of Christians across the globe, this are devil’s agents and they are trying so hard to act as if they are into Christianity while they are not.

Ever since some of this videos and madness surfaced, Christians have been calling for government to approve their drafted laws that can govern the religion.

To date there’s nothing that has been done to make sure that the Christian religion is protected and well taken care of by those who practice it.

What this pastor is doing here it’s a violation of women rights and he should be dealt with decisively, this is uncalled for, it’s barbaric

A well mannered man of God can’t do this and this shows that this person is up for his own games, like you can’t undress a someone right in front of congregants.



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