Why Gomora Is The Number 1 Soapie On Mzansi Magic

Seriti Films Gomora is currently the most-watched show on Mzansi Magic with 11 450 95 in ratings for September, while The Queen came second with 11 080 51. Expect a bigger difference in viewership for October as the storyline on The Queen is getting colder while things are heating up in Gomora this month.

So, what makes Gomora great?
For one, the casting is superb, even better than The River which is the show to watch come award season. The River has really, really talented actors and really, really terrible actors, which you won’t find in Gomora while The Queen casts its actors based on popularity/fame. Even when The Queen casts really talented actors like Brenda SK Khoza, or veteran actors like Rapulana Seiphemo or award-winning actors like Brenda Ngxoli, they don’t shine because the script works against them.

Katlego Danke, Connie Chiume, and Zolisa Xaluva really shine on Gomora because they’ve stepped out of their comfort zones by taking on roles that are the exact opposite of their usual roles.

Connie Chiume who was known for her sweet, kind, and motherly role of MamoKete on Rhythm City has now taken a role of a vicious, manipulative and at times hilarious gangster; MamSonto and delivers exceptionally. It never feels forced like The Queen’s Harriet Khoza.

Katlego Danke who usually takes on pinkish, cute roles in the office is now a hijacker and actually holds a gun for the first time, which is refreshing to see because she’s done a 180 on this new role of Nthati.

Everyone remembers Zolisa Xaluva as Diamond Mabuza from The Queen. He was spectacular as a villain and absolutely thrilling to watch. We never got enough of his villainy because he felt real and all the girls had a soft spot for his badness.

Xaluva has now taken the role of a principal called Melusi who is an academic, soft-hearted man and a loving husband, which is relatable.

It’s not just the veterans who are a class-act, there are also new characters such as; Mazet, Ntokozo, and Teddy who are acing their roles.

P.S. The Throne’s Kabelo Moalusi has just joined the show to take on the role of Detective Kotsi Mahasela to investigate the killing of Mohato by Nthati and MamSonto.

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