A woman failed to visit her boyfriend and this is what he did

A man from Johannesburg asked his girlfriend for a visit, in his mind he had a beautiful date which he loaned to do for her that day. The man went to the store and bought some snacks and drinks.

On the other hand he kept R500 aside to give it to his woman since he loved her so much. Fortunately the lady didn’t show up, he tried calling her numerous times with no luck. Her cellphone was taking him to voice mail all the time.

He got disappointed and decided to eat the food on his own without anyone too help. After spending his money he decided to post after results on facebook telling all the guys to first spoil themselves. His post explain that man happen to spend a lot on girlfriends forget that them too have got to spoil their appetite most of the time.

His lady saw his phone posted and commented with a “sorry ilmake it happen next time”

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