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Phelo: “I Will Get Him And Our Love Back”

Moshe Ndiki and Phelo Bala are confusing the masses leaving them dizzy with their cryptic social media posts. However, everything seems to confirm that they are back together or judging by Phelo’s latest tweet, they are still working things out?

The less gullible social media users who have studied how celebrities use that platform which are social networks, to spin a scandal so their careers blossom, or so that their business endeavors gain more traction, did not buy the break up the minute Phelo wrote: “I miss you @moshendiki…Guys please intervene.”


In the lovebird’s case Phelo had released a new single ‘Andisafuni’ whilst their “break up” was still the talk of the town. A song that many anticipated would give details about their breakup.

Recently, he posted another picture and captioned it, “Not giving up anytime soon…I will get him and our love back.” Whilst many were laughing and sharing many of Moshe’s timeless memes, some applauded their great PR stunt as it might have worked for Phelo musically.


Moshe has not commented nor retweeted any of his posts, but he did like a post where a tweep begged him to take Phelo back.

Moshe and Phelo came out as a couple in 2019 and things really did seem to look up for them when they announced their engagement that same year. 2020 seems to have messed things up for many people including their relationship which seemed to have bit the dust. It was alleged that they both turned to alcohol which made them a bit violent towards each other and things then turned physical.

“The first lie was that “we are together when you got the call from the paper”. The second is that I am “your Phelo”. I can’t afford a PR spin so I’ll leave it with this: The fact that the truth is complex is not an excuse to resort to comfortable lies. Lies can disguise themselves as truth but eventually, the truth comes to light,” Phelo commented on Moshe’s statement where he denied beating Phelo up.

A few months later, Phelo shook the internet with an image of himself and a mystery man that was thought to be his new flame. The mystery man turned out to be industry insider, Vuyo Varoyi. But neither would confirm whether they were an item or not. Moshe, on the other hand came out and revealed that he was going to be a father, which many thought meant single father.

The couple has already been spotted to together out in public, and Phelo posted an image from Moshe’s backyard wearing clothes from Vuyo’s clothing brand. A very good PR stunt!

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