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PICS: Shane Eagle Shows Off His P3NIS And The Women Are Going Crazy

At this point SA rappers will do anything to trend because wow! Rapper Shane Eagle just woke up and decided to shake the timeline with a picture of him handling his manhood over a pair of shorts.


As is the tradition with rappers who are trying to push new album hype, Shane is probably doing this to gain traction as he gets ready to drop his new album X Energy. His upcoming release has been overshadowed by A Reece’s forthcoming studio album Paradise 2 so he felt the need to take matters in his own hands literally!

Male fans have been dragging himover the snap dropped while female fans have put a stamp of approval. A fan also revealed that this is not unusual as the rapper has an Only Fans account.

Social media has been abuzz with fans sharing their thoughts on Eagle’s clout chasing move.

“Shane Eagle has an onlyfans account yall acting surprised now? Come on
He’s been twerking on his site since last year December, he’s still going to release the details.”

@A_Young_Padawan highlighted the double standards music have when comparing artists.

lol you guys spent a full year calling her cardi boity and telling shane eagle he’s just a boksburg j cole, and now yall are refusing to admit that ol boy is just a cremora focalistic doing something you guys wouldn’t take priddy ugly serious for doing.


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