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Rami Chuene’s Recent Post On Social Media Leaves Fans Curious About Her S_xuality

Veteran actress Rami Chuene, has left her fans curious about her sexuality. This follows after she tweeted a rainbow flag on Twitter, leaving fans asking questions many questions about her sexuality.

It is no secret that the subject of homos_xuality has always been a hot topic on everyone’s lips, as it continues to receive mixed reactions from a lot of people across the world. Members of the LGBTQI community are constantly subjected to hate as people usually spew their homophobia on them, but there are those who support show love to them and make it clear that they are straight.

Rami who usually raises the rainbow flag high had, fans curious about whether she is also part of the LGBTQI community. This follows her rainbow flag post accompanied by numerous heart emojis.

Whilst some members of the community are appreciating the love, some are questioning Rami’s s_xuality. @Ross_Rori wrote “Sis Rami can I ask a question ..no offense .you want to be accepted by people yet you isolate yourself from society ..this flag is proof ..are you saying you are a nation within a nation?”

Rami posted a second tweet celebrating pride month and on this day it was South Africa’s first march. Her tweet follows after she recently weighed in her two cents on the latest episode of Cheeky Palate, where guests were discussing spirituality with many questioning whether s_xuality should be considered.

Reacting to the episode Rami tweeted, “Homos_xuality has always been the easy target because it is the only natural thing classified as unnatural, labeled as a behavior in the Bible. And that’s the first mistake. A big mistake.”

Following her tweet, she was subjected to backlash from tweeps but she decided to keep it moving.

Rami recently called on the Hawks to come for the greedy entertainment industry “gods”, As soon as Hawks are done with politics they must come to the mighty, unstoppable, and greedy entertainment ‘gods’.” “The corruption, greed, and exploitation have built many mansions and bought many cars leaving many artists broke since the days of Bophelo ke Semphekgo, “she tweeted

Some of her followers suspected that her tweet was directed at The Fergusons and she debunked the claims.

“The entertainment industry is huge guys. I can’t be talking about the industry and you think I’m talking about one show/production. I’m way bigger than that. Yes, I am. You’re thinking one grain and I’m talking about the whole farm.”

Rami is known for being vocal about numerous things from GBV to exploitation in the South African entertainment industry.

The actress recently penned a thread, educating the masses on how the entertainment business operates. Rami said sometimes creative practitioners are forced to accept most job opportunities to keep the gates of their income streams open, even though they are being exploited.

– ZAlebs

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