SA celebs who are younger than you think

There are a lot of South African celebrities who most people think are older than they actually are.

I’m going to focus on the following ones as they are the most shocking to most.

1. Gugu Gumede from Uzalo

Gugu Gumede is an actress on the popular soapie, Uzalo. She potrays a character called uMamlambo who is a Sangoma and a wife to the well-known crime lord Nkunzi.

Gugu is currently 26 years old but many find it hard to believe as she plays an older character on Uzalo. She has however released a video on her YouTube channel to clarify everything and why she chose to play an older character. She says she decided to potray an older character on Uzalo because the character reminded her of one of her aunts.

2. Master KG

Master KG is a producer and musician all the way from Limpopo. He has had an amazing year so far with his hit track, “Jerusalem” going international and landing him international awards and collabs.

The producer/musician has accomplished all of this at a very young age of 24 but many fail to believe that this is his actual age. Many think that he’s much older than he wants us to believe but when you google his age it does say he’s 24 years old and even Wikipedia confirms this.

3. Makhadzi

Makhadzi is also a musician all the way from Limpopo. She came into the scene with her hit song, “Matorokisi”.

Same as Master Kg, a lot of people fail to believe that Makhadzi is only 24 years of age. However, according to goggle and other publications, Makhadzi was born on the 30th of June 1996 at Ha-Mashamba, Vhembe District in Limpopo. She has also accomplished a lot at this very young age and is still doing other great things for herself.

At some point it was rumoured that she was in a romantic relationship with Master KG. The rumours were proven to be true by outlets such as News24 but as of late it seems like the couple has called it quits on their relationship.


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