The River: Tumi Comes Across As A Broke Brooke Logan

Tumi was raised in a loving and respectful home that didn’t know where their next meal would come from. Money is an unfamiliar concept to her. She didn’t marry her first husband; Zolani because he was rich, she agreed to marry him because he treated well and she wanted to get more information about her father’s death. In season one she suspected Lindiwe had something to do with her father’s death and wanted to get closer to her by marrying Zolani.

Tumi then divorced him when she found out Zolani helped Lindiwe cover-up her father’s death.

She was on a great start in terms of marrying guys who are moneyed and well-off with Zolani, until she recently started moving from one broke guy after the other or as her mother would say “one mkhukhu to another”.

Tumi went on to divorce Lindani because he wasn’t ambitious enough and wanted Tumi to move out, fall pregnant, and live in an RDP house.

Then she cheated on her husband; Lindani with her broken, handsome cousin; Mabutho, and divorced Lindani for him.

She’s become our local version of a “broke Brooke Logan”. She’s living in a mansion with her mother and bringing in broke guys from Refilwe in her mother’s house. Mabutho is the same man with the same financial status and he’s from the same family as Lindani just like The Bold’s; Brooke Logan-Forrester. The only difference is that Mabutho pleases Tumi in the bedroom; their relationship is based on lust.

The reason she keeps attracting and sleeping with broke men is that she grew up in a broken family and a struggling father. She doesn’t know anything else and Lindiwe is the only one who can teach her to attract rich and do better than broke, only then will she become a real “Brooke Logan.”

She’s not attracted to the rich but wants a better life. She’s not dating or marrying wealthy men but wants a rich life, how?


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