Pick n Pay replacing cashiers with self-serving machines

Cashiers in Pick n pay may have been facing a gruesome problem since their company just decided to introduce AIs to take their jobs and they say its costs effective what they are doing so that would just be money coming in rather than coming out.

Everybody in South Africa is going to learn to use these things because as time goes by the world is going to evolve and some jobs are going to be lost eventually because we all have to get use to the new changes. Some of the South Africans are happy for the new change but most of them are effected by the change that goes on in the daily basis because as more change comes more people are losing their jobs due to more machines coming in and less the human touch disappears, Some of the cashiers of pic n pay are going to strike because this thing of the jobs being taken away is not good they say, this will just increase the unemployment rate of South Africa.

The change that comes while time goes by is the change we should learn we should live with it even if it’s a soul shaking change but it’s worth a try to try something new. But rather than complaining we should all work together and do greater good and teach one another on how to use these new machines.


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