Why Vatiswa Ndara May Totally Not Get Any Gigs In Future After The Public Spat With The Fergusons

This month marks a year after veteran actor Vatiswa Ndara grew a pair and took a bold move against Mzansi entertainment industry giants – The Fergusons – calling them out for exploiting her and many other industry players.

Little did she know that this was the end of her career – at least for now.

In the letter which she addressed to the arts and culture minister Nathi Mthethwa, Vatiswa made reference to an offer she was made by Ferguson Films, a company run and owned by seasoned actors Shona and Connie Ferguson citing bullying, intimidation and unpleasant working conditions the Fergusons presented to her.

The letter would ultimately make The Fergusons the most hated entertainment giants in South Africa.

Though scores of people came through for her after The Fergusons threatened legal actions against her, with more actors including Pearl Thusi, Florence Masebe and Talitha Ndima opening up about the struggles they too have had to endure – little did it help for the veteran actor who had already put a thrust on her warn out career.

It is disturbing to note that Vatiswa has never had a screenplay ever since she spat with the Fergusons.

Its probably justified for one to conclude that industry producers in all likelihood labelled her as a troublemaker and don’t want to be associated with her anymore.

What further justifies the notion is how Rami Chuene was let go from The Queen after she showed support to Ndara.

Rami has always been vocal about how the industry has been exploiting people. More so, being unaccommodating to actors who are critical of managers. She also believes one can get loathed by the whole industry after a fall out with just one production company.

It is unfortunate that the veteran actress, Vatiswa Ndara fell victim to such a painful fate.

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