Billionaire Grand P celebrates 27th birthday in Grand style

Guinea ‘s Grand P is considered one of the leading musicians and leaders in the Republic of Guinea. After he proclaimed his Love for the Instagram Influencer / Model Eudoxie, the billionaire politician and influencer of media have felt amazing in social media platformen.

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Mussa Sandiana Kaba, a popular stage called Name Grand P, did a great deal for himself as a politician and as a singer. Grand P has come into being with a rare genetic disease known as Progeria, which causes stunt growth and physical growth. Sadly, for such a condition there is no treatment.

We nevertheless wish to look at how the Grand P entertainer celebrated his 27th birthday in Grand on October 13.

Grand P ‘s birthday was the most spoken of in the country about activities involving Top Guinean Musicians and Film Stars. Grand P got gifts from the music industry’s big names and also from Guinean public figures.

See the Grand Birthday Party pictures below

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