Lindiwe Dikana Has Found Her Match In Mabutho. TheRiver1Magic

The River 1 Magic it’s one series South Africans can’t seem to get enough of. The latest episode has been trending all night, up until this morning. It appears ruthless mine boss Lindiwe Dikana has found her match in Mabutho.

After her daughter, Tumi had an affair with the very same Mabutho, who is Lindani’s cousin, Lindiwe wasn’t really impressed. However, she was at least happy with the fact that it ended the very little hope Tumi and Lindani had of saving their marriage. Lindiwe was never really happy with Mabutho’s financial or social status.

But getting Lindani out of the picture didn’t really remove all of the flaws she saw in Tumi’s life. Just a few days after signing the divorce papers Tumi has publicly confessed his love for Mabutho and is really to take things to the next life.

In the latest episode, the Dikana’s invited Tumi’s new boyfriend over for Dinner and despite countless insults from Lindiwe about his poor background, he stood his ground. In fact, some would say that he put the mine owner is her place on a few occasions. Even Zolani was out of words.

The River fans have been very impressed with the way he has handled Lindiwe and they’ve taken to Twitter to share their thoughts. While some expressed that it will end in tears for him. Most are happy that he is not intimated by Lindiwe.


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