Rapulana Cheated On Zoe With Mfundi Vundla’s Granddaughter

Exclusive details have emerged indicating that Rapulana Seiphemo is dating Mfundi Vundla’s granddaughter, Zandile Tshukulu. Also, sources have positively confirmed that it is Rapulana’s relationship with Zandile that drew Zoe Mthiyane over the edge since Zandile works with the production team at Generations : The Legacy. Rapulana and Zandile have a child together, according to sources.

“Zandile works in the admin office of her grandfather’s company and has been dating Rapulana for a while,” said a source.

“Since he called it quits with Zoe, they’ve been inseparable.”

The affair between Rapulana and Zandile is an open secret in the office, but according to a second source it’s a no-go discussion.

Said the source: “People in the Generations office tiptoe around the fact that Zandile and Rapulana are a couple.

“Obviously, they want to keep their jobs. She’s the granddaughter of their boss, so they respect that.

“But Zandile isn’t hiding the relationship, especially now that she’s had a baby with him.”

Rapulana has joined Mzansi Magic’s The Queen and stars as Sabata.

When called for comment, Mfundi said: “What people do in their personal lives is none of my concern.”

Zoe told the People’s Paper she didn’t want to be drawn into other people’s dramas.

The SunTeam called both Zandile and Rapulana for comment, but they did not respond to calls after numerous attempts.

When news broke out that Rapulana Seiphemo and Zoe Mthiyane broke up, it was revealed that he (Rapulana) was having an affair with a cast member. Now it has emerged who the cast member is.

Zoe Mthiyane has been suffering depression ever since the publicised breakup with Rapulana Seiphemo.

According to those close to her, the actress has laid the blame for her dismissal at Seiphemo’s door, claiming that she could no longer focus on her work due to depression and bullying by the actor’s girlfriend, who is an admin officer on the popular weekday soapie.

Rapulana Cheated On Zoe With Mfundi Vundla’s Granddaughter

Though her friends claimed that she was put on special leave to focus on her personal issues, other members of the production crew have suggested that the actress was given the boot by the producers of the soapie as they could no longer tolerate the actress’s behaviour.

– IHarare

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