Mzansi divided over Ayanda Ncwane’s age, see her age below

With the death of her child, Sfiso Ncwane, Ayanda has become a powerful woman who has managed to beat the devil on her journey. She had to take control of all the companies that she and her husband used to operate on her own, and she managed to get by.

It didn’t stop there, she still became a single mom, and she had to play the role of mother and father to her two sons that she had with Sfiso throughout her lifetime.

What awe-inspiring fans in all this was her generation. Judging by all the achievements Ayanda has accomplished, one would think that the actress was in her 40s, but to everyone’s surprise, she ‘s believed to be about 36 years old, which is pretty young if you remember that she was in her 20s when she married Sfiso back in 2002.

Is she actually 36 years old or may it be that she lied and gave a fake number as her age?

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