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Meet Zodwa’s new mkhulu bae: “I love him so much”

HE’S older, mature, and he’s her secret!

Zodwa Wabantu told Daily Sun she’s done dating Ben10s.

She has found herself a businessman and hopes to keep him forever.

Zodwa, real name Zodwa Libram, said she met her mystery man last October in Joburg after he booked her for a music video.

“We kept in contact, but we didn’t have any special feelings.”

During lockdown he booked Zodwa a few times and she came to Joburg.

“I then had a sense that I liked the guy and it turned out he had feelings for me too,” she said.

When they both realised they liked each other, she told him she would not be returning to her hotel. “I told him I was going wherever he was going as I wanted to kiss him and have sex with him. I didn’t care if it would be a one-night stand, but I felt like I was in love with him.”

She said they’ve been dating since then.

“I come to Joburg regularly to see him because I’m happy. I won’t reveal his name because all my relationships have been public and people have been talking. With this one I have learnt from my mistakes.

“But Zodwa Wabantu will always be Zodwa. A fun person who always tells the truth.”

She said they’ve even spoken of marriage and he’d like a traditional wedding. “But we are in no rush. He is a man who says what he wants and how he feels. I will reveal him when the time is right. I love him so much!”

– Daily Sun


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