Skeem Saam’s John Dances To #JohnVuliGateChallenge

The cast of Skeem Saam; John Maputla, Meikie Maputla, Charity Ramabu and Pretty Seakamela have joined South Africans in the #JohnVuliGateChallenge mayhem which is rumoured to top the charts this festive season. The song which was inspired by the South African Oscar-winning film; Tsotsi is also rumoured to top “Sister Bethina” which has been a long-term festive season song.

In the film a woman is seen asking her husband; John to open the gate as she can’t open it due to the rain, followed by the character of Presley Chueneyagae; Tsotsi opening a firearm and attempting to shoot her.

What amused fans about the Skeem Saam cast’s video was the fact that Pretty Seakamela was leading the pack, and John Maputla who had an affair with Charity Ramabu seemed too cosy together while his wife (Meikie Maputla) was there. Fans were hilariously warning Meikie about Charity’s plans to steal John in the comments sections and disregarding the fact that actors actually get along behind the scenes.

The video was primarily focused on John Maputla because of the song title ‘John vuli gate’ which means John open the gate also amused viewers because they hardly see the actor on social media.

Fans love Africa Tsoia who plays John Maputla and would love to meet him as he is apparently as shy and reserved as his character on the show.

The #JohnVuliGateChallenge will apparently be serious competition to the #JerusalemaChallenge by Master KG whose video has been seen by millions if not billions of people around the world.

The actual dance challenge started after, a group of young ladies dancing to John Vuli Gate at a petrol station sparked a dance challenge dubbed the #JohnVuliGateChallenge and the Amapiano song, John Vuli Gate by Mapara A Jazz Ft. Ntosh Gaz & Colano, then took Twitter by storm.

Click below to see the Skeem Saam actors:

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