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Please Pray for generations star Manaka Ranaka!!!

Earlier on we reported that Generations the legacy star is expecting, and as a result she will halt shooting to take a short break while she awaits he bundle of joy. Yes that was true it is happening. Below picture is her baby daddy who is a sangoma


During pregnancy it is common for women to feel sick more especially the first trimester and the last trimester due to the body getting itself ready to bring out a human being. For this reason alone I would say it’s much easier to go through pregnancy when you are atleast in your twenties. Nonetheless it looks like mother nature did not spare her form this process either.

she posted on her Instagram page that she is not doing well and the only thing she could stomach is a porridge that her dad made for her. She is lucky to have a supporting family. Last week she celebrated her 20 years of acting and her entire family was there, especially Dineo who has a demanding career as well.


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