GUYS, PLEASE NEVER Ignore These Five Dreams

Dreaming in your sleep is something happening natural and everything you see in your dreams has a meaning. All you need is the translation of what your dreams mean. This the way our ancestors communicate masseges to us.

UMqombothi, dreaming about this kind of beer is a sign that your ancestors are unhappy about the way ikhaya is doing, your leaders are not doing their responsibilities well. The beer in the dream means the unity is fading away, therefore the families must unite and drink together and eat together. So the beer must be brewed and served with food and meat

Bees, seeing dreams in your dreams mean luck, something good is coming, this can be a promotion at work if you have a business, expect more money and more good things in you life. Naturally bees are luck but you need to work hard to get the luck so everything you do add more effort

AmaGqirha/iizangoma dreaming about izangoma means a calling. This is the sign that your ancestors are tired of your ignorance, they have been showing you many signs that you must go for ukuthwasa initiation. By showing you AmaGqirha, they are reminding you to stand up and help the community by healing and treating the sicknesses

Big cats are the sign of leadership, if you see them in your dream, it means you will be promoted at work or you will get the job of your dreams. You will get the very thing you have been working hard to archive.

Snake or snakes. Here your enemies are getting close to get you. Wake up and get your self ready because they are coming, if you believe in prayer, pray more if you are traditional go to your sangoma or prepare your own muthi if you know how.



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