Idols South Africa 2020 Top 4 Predictions

I’m disappointed in how some of our favorite contestants didn’t bring their A-game to last night’s competition. In fact, I’m now more nervous than ever before as to who will be leaving the completion next week.

Though I wasn’t at all surprised to see Succeedor being voted out as he was the weakest contestant vocally, I was shocked at Zama’s song choice and performance as she is in my opinion; the best singer in the whole competition.

My Idols South Africa 2020 Top 4 Predictions are; Zama, Brandon, Music, and Ndoni. The first three contestants are the obvious top 3 predictions for most people and the latter is a hat trick. Idols SA is unpredictable, so yes, I wouldn’t be at all shocked if Ndoni takes it. Remember when everyone thought Sneizy will win last season and Luyolo won instead?

This week’s reviews:

Brandon and Zama got comfortable this week. They’re relying on their voices too much and don’t have much stage presence. Succeedor was the weakest link and went home but he knew how to own the stage. Let’s hope his departure will wake them up next weekend.

Zama looks too fragile for the music industry and lacks confidence. If she should win Idols, the music industry will chew her up and spit her out. You can be a great singer and be bigger than idols but if you lack confidence, you go far. She should be careful with song choices as they can make or break you. Remember what happened to Mmatema?

A contestant that’s upped his game and that we should watch for is Mr. Music. He’s got the whole package and has this amazing aura about him that draws you in…very charming!

A lot of people agree that Ndoni has upped her game and we could hear her lyrics for the first time. She should do a song by Lira next time. Ndoni is my top 4 choice because she’s got a unique voice which will be great for the competition because we’ve always had the same kind of people win.

We need something new to spice up the competition and we need people to be themselves!

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