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Lebo Mathosa’s daughter to take from were her mother left

Social media learned with shock on Monday morning that actually Lebo Mathosa had a daughter, and now she is a grown up woman, and she is preparing to take her mothers sensational music career forward.

Lebo Mathosa was on the lead singers of the nineties with the dou group Afro Pop group called Boom Shaka, which amongst others had artists such as the now Gomora actor Thembi Seete and Theo.

Boom Shaka a youthful group that gave an identity to South African Pop music at the time, was established by artist such as Oskido under Kalawa Jazzmee.

Most supporters of the group didn’t worry much about the personal lives of the artists but more of the music they were producing at the time.

So Twitter has been running different challenges that showcase people’s lives from, how they started thier careers to showing off thier siblings.

So on a challenge, #Mom and Me” that’s were most tweeps learned for the first time that Lebo Mothasa actually has a daughter. Who looks exactly like her:

Well @Anne_Ngwenya was asked if she could sing like her mother, and she said she wouldn’t want to blow her own horn and referred the questions to a friend who vouged for her and even explaining how she is planning on releasing her mothers music in a form of covers.

She also went further to explain that she even auditioned to play her mothers bio but she didn’t get the part.


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