Mondli Mzizi using Muthi for his 15 Career Jobs ?

For the past two months Facebook has been buzzing with #Challenges. Different challenges are started daily as soon as the other expires we will definitely have a new challenge or hashtag trending.

Recently it was #GraduationChallenge where everyone participating would upload his pictures wearing a graduation gown. A new trend came and Mondli Mzizi was amongst the first to join. This is a challenge where you post your pictures that will confuse the enemy when asked “what do you do for a living”

Mzizi’s participation was no surprise as he is one of the active hustlers in South Africa. He is knocking at any possible door, that’s shows nothing but his hunger for success.

He is one of the most booked program Directors in South Africa and has worked with different people including the President of the Republic of South Africa, President Cyril Ramaphosa. He also had a very good relationship with the former president, Mr Jacob Zuma. Well some of the Pictures are were taken from his acting carrier. Some pictures may be true but carrier-wise issa NEVER!!!

He is not usinging any Muthi but hustling for every possible cent.

Here are the Pictures he posted to did an enemy

Coaching Position 😹 @Kaizer Chiefs maybe?

Scabha boy or Taxi Driver



Mondli The Builder

Mr Fix-It

The Pilot 🛫🤣

Mr President’s right hand man


Superintendent Mzizi 🔫

King- Hlekani Mzizi

Robert Van Mzizi?

Moroka Swallows New Player 😹? WHO LET THE BIRDS OUT!?


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