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PICS: Inside Thando Thabethe’s Solo Vacation

Thando Thabethe is clearly the girl that she thinks she is, and on the journey of living her best life has slowly started giving her fans and followers the ability to do so too.

The first time Thando took the plunge, she literally took the plunge by bungee jumping. The star’s experience in photos was picturesque. But it was when she shared an actual video of the plunge, did we actually learn that sometimes it is a video that tells a thousand more words than the image. In hilarious snap shot we see that to conquer her fears, the girlie was tears and fears until she actually took the plunge.

The next plunge that the good sis seems to have done for herself is spoil herself with a solo trip to Cape Town. But the good sis did not only take herself to the Mother City, but made sure to do so in style. First she put on her best outfit that showcased her glowing skin. After making sure that the she looked like money, she decided to get a car that lives up to her. In the post she shared, Thando managed to acquire a Jaguar convertible to travel around with.

During what she labelled as her solo date, Thando managed to spoil herself with oysters. The story shared of her a lunch time snack revealed that she was truly alone. This was through the table setting, nothing says “table for one,” like an unset table setting on the other side of the table. But again, when you slaying the game and have the most scenic view of Chapman’s Peak to count your blessings in front of, would you be bothered about running solo?

Seeing Thando live her best life on Twitter, tweeps could not help but SBWL the good life. Many also highlighted with the general ‘look at what money can do for you’ lines. Thando despite having let go of her 5FM drive time slot is definitely still flourishing so hard. Thando continues the narrative that asserts that media personalities today do not need the public broadcaster, but it might the other way around now.



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