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Supermodel Rosette Mokgotsi blocks ex-husband Lunga Ncwane’s wedding to new bae

Top businessman Lunga Ncwane’s planned marriage to new girlfriend Rethabile Lethoko is being bogged down by his estranged wife and supermodel Rosette Mokgotsi.

The model is said to be refusing to sign divorce papers to pave the way for the dissolution of her marriage to the businessman.

Celebgossip.co.za has learnt that Ncwane who is already engaged to model, Rethabile Lethoko, had convened a meeting of both his family and Lethoko’s to discuss the challenges and to find a way foirward on the matter.

Mokgotsi confirmed that she has not signed the papers yet, and she boasted that she and Ncwane were still strongly married. “She still has a long way to wait,” she said.

The affluent businessman and Mokgotsi had pulled off what was termed as a contender for one of Mzansi’s weddings of the year, after getting married in a lavish traditional ceremony in Tembisa, and the event was also followed by another exquisite and exclusive shindig at a vineyard in Cape Town.

Though they were shy to reveal the details behind the collapse of their marriage, they indicated that marital disputes were behind the end of their union.

But there’s one hurdle, Mokgotsi was refusing to sign the divorce papers to allow Ncwane to finalise his marriage to Lethoko.

A family member revealed that Ncwane is already engaged to his new girl and the two families have already met to exchange pleasantries and to pay lobola.

“Dates have been set and the couple is ready to tie the knot. The only challenge at the moment is that Rossette has not yet signed the papers.

“It has been over for years between them, but for some reason she believed that he will change his mind about the divorce, the family member said.

“At least she has now come around and they have decided to put their differences aside for the sake of peace,” said the family member privy to the businessman’s marital drama.

Another source close to the couple said Ncwane and his new fiancee are planning to get married in December, as soon as the final details of the divorce are finalised.

“They are a solid couple and love each other. They had to postpone things because the divorce was dragging, but the two families are ready and are united in support of Lunga and Rethabile,” said the friend.

Another source revealed that Ncwane dated Lethoko before getting married to Mokgotsi, but he later regretted his decision after discovering that he loved Lethoko more than the supermodel.

Ncwane confirmed the engagement to Lethoko and that he and Mokgotsi were separated, but he said no wedding had taken place as yet. He said his and Lethoko’s families had a family lunch together to get to know each other.


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