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Generations: The Legacy actress Letoya Makhene’s girlfriend Lebo and ex-friend get into a nasty fight

Generations: The Legacy actress Letoya Makhene’s potty-mouthed significant other, Lebo Keswa, is involved in a jaw-dropping profanity-laced drama with ex-friend and businessman, Mashita Magongwa.

In the bitter fight, which was triggered by money, Keswa told Magongwa that he has a small pen!s, while Magongwa retaliated by telling her that he wouldn’t do horizontal gymnastics with her even if she was the last woman on earth because of her speed bump on her tummy.

“Mashita go f@#cken look at yourself in the mirror, I’m sure even a pr0stitute will refuse to f@#ck you even if you offered them a million. You look like a homeless pig that you are. At least three women you called psychos confirmed you’re d!ckless dude,” reads part of Keswa’s blood-curdling comments.

But Magongwa threw back bombs at Keswa. “Nahhh I am way bigger than that. Did you f@#ck me perhaps? Even if I wanted, I would not do a python-wrapping subject like you. I always prefer my people’s tummy flatter. It’s time that some ambitious person with a s.e.xual orientation like you takes her [Letoya Makhene] away from you. She deserves better,” reads Magongwa’s spicy shades.

The nasty exchanges come after Magongwa exposed Keswa on Facebook for allegedly refusing to pay him back R10 000 he lent her to help bury her mother.

He claimed that the amount was paid into Makhene’s account on April 4. Keswa had paid back at least R5 000 but Magongwa said he wanted her to settle the balance. Magongwa also threatened to take the couple to Mojalove’s Rea Tsotella should they still refuse to pay him back.

Keswa said she would not pay Magongwa as he had also failed to pay her back money she loaned him. She confirmed that she received a total of R12 000 from Magongwa as part of condolence from a friend who she has “continuously helped during financial strains”.

“You see, as a GBV activist, I received a message on Facebook messenger from a woman who said she was having a mental breakdown and needed to go to a mental institution. I later learnt that she was Mashita’s woman. “So that’s how our relationship began. He pleaded with me to at least take care of this woman’s finances, but he too started sending money for toiletries and other necessities. But trouble came when he started asking for e-wallets, saying he was low on cash.

“I have been sending him money to help and he has been helping me too. Things suddenly changed and three weeks ago he called to say he wanted his money back. I then told him that I won’t f@#ken pay him a cent because he hasn’t paid me back a penny.”

She confirmed R10 000 was deposited into Makhene’s account. Makhene couldn’t be reached for comment at the time of printing.

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