Duduzane Zuma reveals how female celebrities ask him out

Former President Jacob Zuma’s son Duduzane has revealed that female celebrities are always asking him out and he urged them to continue taking a shot at him.

Speaking from his Dubai base while in the gym, Duduzane took an opportunity to answer a few questions via Trending SA.

The first question was: which high profile celebrities have taken a shot at you, through DM or in person?

Duduzane responded, I’m not on social media and I don’t have any social media accounts, so the DM is a none starter but as to being shot at or celebrities taking a e forshot at me, personally, its real man. You are sea with me, I’m not going to mention any names but big shots were taken at me, I’m an old school pimp so keep shooting.

The second question was: for some reason you are prohibited from voting the ANC, which other parties would you vote for?

He responded, ” What people confuse is that the ANC is not a political party, the ANC is an institution, our history and the only glue that is holding society together right now. It does need some fixing and injection of young blood, but other political parties out there for me is a non-starter. But if there was a younger and focused political party, they might get my attention.

The third question was, who is the most scandalous person you have ever been intimate with?

Duduzane refused to answer the question but said he doesn’t do scandals.

Fourth question: Would you ever dine with Julius Malema and what are the two things that you will speak over dinner?

He responded I would most definitely want to have dinner with him and the two things I will speak with Mr Malema would be what his mind frame was and the courage that he shows.-Savannah


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