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‘My Heart Is In Shambles,’ Lootlove Mourns The Loss Of Her Brother

Taking to social media on Tuesday, Lootlove expressed how heartbroken she is from her brother’s passing. She shared how he was her twin daughters’ favorite person and now they will have to grow up without their malume.

“Light of my life. My heart is in shambles. I love you so so so so damn much. I would do anything, anything to bring you back. I would give anything to see this smile again. I can’t believe my babies are going to go through life without uMalume, their absolute favourite person. I can’t believe God thinks I’m strong enough to do this. This makes no sense. This makes no sense… I’m so angry, I’m so confused, I just want you back… Please just come back… 💔💔💔#ForeverFrequency Forever My Luke Wonder,” Lootlove wrote.

This one knocked me off my axis completely. Nothing will ever be the same. I’m heartbroken. 💔



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