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Ntando Duma Gushes Over Her Boyfriend

South African media personality, Ntando Duma, has put the engagement rumours to rest once and for all, and has dispelled any thoughts about her man becoming her… fiancé! The actress took to Twitter on Sunday, 18 October 2020 to once again gush about the mystery guy, simply stating, “It’s my boyfriend for me.” Many of her fans quickly noticed that she had referenced to him as her “boyfriend”, which indicated that the grand gesture given to her last week was NOT a proposal!

In a following post, Ntando chimed in on one of her followers talking about the perfect man, and how he always looks out for in all types of situations. Ntando responded with, “You’re literally asking for my boyfriend, low key? heeee! Imihlola ke le.”

Fans have been waiting on tendered hooks to find out if The Queen actress was engaged, after her boyfriend surprised her with a romantic night which she shared on social media. The visuals showed an ultra-romantic set up in what appears to be a hotel room, with the words “I LOVE YOU” written in rose petals on the bed.

Aside from the rose petals on the bed, a large heart was structured in rose petals on the floor, complete with candles dispersed throughout the room. Leading up into the room, rose petals was scattered on the stairs, and once again complemented by a variety of candles to add to the romantic ambiance. Large bouquets of flours were hung on the balustrade and pink lighting was shone throughout the apartment to create a sexy mood.

The most intriguing of all the pictures was the last one, where Ntando was seen tightly embracing her mystery man. The actress added an in-love emoji on his face to hide his identity, but judging from his style and stature… this one is a hunk!

Ntando’s current boss, Connie Ferguson added fuel to the fire, when she asked if she had said yes – indicating that it was in fact a proposal. Connie commented with, “Did you say yes??”, to which Ntando responded with, “Mom I was waiting for your approval!”. Aside from her response to Connie, the actress had not addressed any of the rumours regarding what went down last week, until now, letting everyone know that he has NOT put a ring on it!

Needless to say, if this was merely a romantic night in…. we can’t wait to see what he will do when he ACTUALLY pops the question!

– ZAlebs

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