PICS: Sbu Uzalo Selling Bibles And Vegetables On The Streets

A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do, to bring the bacon home.

Things haven’t been looking good for Sbu lately with his lack of a job.

Sbu has become bit of a stay at home boyfriend while Fikile is busting her back to put bread on the table.

Sbu has to basically ask for grocery money from Fikile, including money for washing powder, imagine.

Although Fikile gives in from time to time, it does look like it’s weighing heavily on her to support a grown man who is capable of looking for a job.

It seems Sbu finally gets off his bu_tt and gets a job.

But it wouldn’t be Sbu if there was no laugh out loud moment.

So Sbu has taken to selling Bibles and kitchenware, including tea sets, wooden spoons and rolling pins and vegetables.

If the pictures shared by Uzalo on their social media accounts are anything to go by, Sbu will be dressed like a woman, in a feminine looking coat, headscarf and sunglasses.

Uzalo shared several images of Sbu vending his Bibles on the street sides and captioned it

While Sbu may be down on his luck in the job department, we’re guaranteed that the actor who plays him, Simphiwe Majozi will always have a job.

Simphiwe Majozi plays Sbu so well that it’s hard to imagine Uzalo without Sbu, he is basically the heart of the show.

Whether he’s hijacking cars, stealing clothes from the washing line and now selling Bibles and kitchenware, he’ll no doubt kill the role.

We just wonder how Fikile will feel about Sbu’s latest gig.

– IHarare

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