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It’s Reported That Mkhize’s Company Is Facing Bankruptcy

It has been reported a couple of days ago that reality TV star and businesswoman Shauwn Mam Mkhize owes SARS over R200 million in taxes. Several publications have reported that the South African Revenue Services obtained a final liquidation order against her company which is owing millions in taxes.

This morning, the tv star broke her silence and announced that she’ll be addressing the allegations intimately today.
“Good day please catch me today on the SABC news channel 404 at 3 pm and afterward SABC 1 and SABC 2, 17h30 and 19h00 as I set the record straight Re the SARS saga many thanks to all or any of these who have taken time to message and make call showing support but there’s one thing i might wish to address.” Posted the celebs .

The reality star doesn’t understand why do people always want to bring one another down albeit they do not have all the small print . She said that folks should not be excited to listen to rumors that her company are going to be liquidated but rather worry about the thousands of individuals that’ll be losing their jobs.

“Why people want to brag and be excited with one among their own (black child) downfall and failures if i used to be really in trouble my company was liquidated why would one among our own be excited with the very fact that i used to be getting to fall rather than brooding about the 4000 folks that they were getting to lose their jobs what percentage families were getting to be impacted by that ……”
Mamkhize would really appreciate it if South Africans would stop with the pull-down syndrome and help one another up. She wants people to face united.

“SA lets us change our mindset and therefore the way we glance at things stop the PULLDOWN SYNDROME. allow us to get up and unite otherwise whilst we are fighting and getting one among our own arrested and humiliated within the public space whatever our parents have fought for we’ll be handing it over on a silver plate to the incorrect hands.”


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