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This guy proves that money can buy everything, Look at this lovely couple

What lead this woman to love this guy is far beyond love. The couple says that they are in love with each other but people thinks that this lady does not love her man she is after his money.

People end up marrying people whom they don’t love because money. People may claim that love is blind but some relationship you see that the is no love but they are just using each other. The is no such thing as blinded by love.


You can see in the picture that the guy is too small of a woman like her.People would probably think that he is a child and she is her mother. The guy is loaded that is why this lady decided to get married to him. This days if you have money you can marry any lady you want.


This guy thinks that his money will make this lady love her but it is not true. He can marry her but the is no love is their marriage. And as they say marriage without love don’t last.


But we must not judge then who knows maybe she really adores her man. When times goes by she will prove to us that she really love the man and will do anything so that their marriage could last.

Do you think that the lady love her man?


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