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Zodwa Wabantu in serious trouble for showing her pun_ni to young boys

Mbaqanga group Oswenka has warned Zodwa Wabantu to stop showing her pun_ni to small boys. Yesterday, Oswenka released the 11-track album uZodwa Wabantu, where they accused the media personality of being a bad influence on the youth. Group leader Gcino Sibiya told Daily Sun: “We called it uZodwa Wabantu because we want to express our concerns.

She’s a celebrity, but we’re asking her to stop showing her pun_ni to young boys.”

He said they were asking the flashing dancer to close her legs and dress appropriately.

“We’ve been watching her and concluded there are no valuable lessons in her dance moves. We feel she is a bad influence.” Gcino said they didn’t hate her. “She can’t be a role model until she wears panties and acts like a lady. Kids follow her trend and refuse to put on clothes. They think what she’s doing is fashionable.

But Zodwa said Oswenka was trying to ride on her wave. “I’ve listened to their song and don’t know these people. They use my brand to make themselves popular. They didn’t consult me, yet feel they have the right to express an opinion about me. But I will not sue them or fight with them because they are still growing

She said she didn’t care what they thought. “Many young and up-and-coming artists compose songs about me without my approval, but I will not fight them.“It’s fine with me, as long as they make money out of my brand and feed their families.


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