A Former President’s Wife Exposes His Financial Statements As She Files For A Divorce

A former President of South Africa is currently facing multiple legal battles and now his wife is looking to file for a divorce and plans to reveal his financial statements to the public in the process. She revealed that she’s in possession of evidence that could expose that her soon to be ex husband is involved in some shady deals with corrupted officials from neighbouring countries.

The wife is demanding for R170 000 in monthly allowance for herself and children. The identity of the wife has been kept away from media and the decision was made by the Constitutional Court which barred media from releasing their names to the public.

She claims to be suffering from emotional ab_se, as she stated that her husband remove her as a beneficiary and she hasn’t been receiving any financial support from her husband and so her children. The Sunday Times reported that the wife is demanding for R170 000 in monthly allowance and also for her husband to cover her legal fees of up to R50 000.

Just after the news the former Presidents wife planning to get divorced went public, Zuma went on to refuse having any of his children bank account reviewed by the Hawks which means that he might be using his children as his secret bank to hide all of his money. As she goes through the divorce, she plans to expose her husband’s financial records and affairs along with evidence of powerful people from neighbouring countries help him avoid being caught.

– OperaNews

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