Chicco Twala: I Will Kill Longwe If He Did Indeed Murder Senzo

Chicco Twala has spoken to Radio 702 in the week to plead his son Longwe Twala’s innocence. in the week Longwe hogged the headlines when Siyabonga Miya, who is Senzo Meyiwa’s cousin, claimed Longwe pulled the trigger and killed Senzo during an altercation.

Siyabonga Miya made these claims survive national television when he accused Longwe of murdering his cousin six years ago. Contradicting a press release that was made by the people that present that fateful night, he said that there have been no robbers who shot dead Senzo Meyiwa. He added that he was shot dead by Longwe Twala who was arguing together with his then-girlfriend Zandi Khumalo.

“Senzo died trying to guard his girlfriend. I visited the detective Chauke’s office and he said to me that the people that were inside the house were lying,” said Siyabonga.

The former Orlando Pirates and Bafana Bafana goalkeeper’s cousin made these claims shortly after it had been reported by News24 that the firearm that was wont to murder Senzo has been found.

As hurt as he’s , Chicco has since begin to defend his son whom he believes is innocent, saying he would have handed him over to the police himself if that was the case.

He spoke to the station saying he’s confident that his son is innocent. the rationale for this is often because he says the 2 of them grew up together and were like family.

“Why would Senzo’s childhood friends defend my son? These two guys (who were present at the shooting) are Senzo’s childhood friends, they grew up with Senzo. Here (comes) a stranger who is my son, comes and shoots Senzo ahead of them and that they don’t tell the police on the day?”

He then asked why would Kelly Khumalo, who features a daughter with Senzo allows his son Longwe to kill the daddy of her child and not say anything thereafter. “How evil would Kelly be?”

“I would never defend a criminal. If my son is guilty and shot Senzo, i might have shot him dead. If the police never arrested him i might have killed him myself,” he added.

Chicco then added that Siyabonga is taking what he hears from social media and makes his onw conclusions. He then called tweeps haters for creating such lies about his son.

Chicco did hand his son over to the police for alleged shoplifting. He stole a chocolate candy that was priced at R10.00

A petrol attendant followed Longwe round the shop and noticed him inserting a chocolate candy in his pocket. After attempting to go away the shop, an equivalent petrol attendant trapped with the previous child star and called the police.


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