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So Nomcebo Zikode gave birth at the age of 12?

Master KG’s hit with Nomcebo, Jerusalem has become more like a national anthem.It seems like not being recognized by the SAMA in the first place was a blessing in disguise. The song has went viral across the globe, and the Jerusalem dance challenge has become a type of dance that almost everyone want to dance.

Nomcebo said she has been a supporting artist for 15 years and she was praying to God for breakthrough, now God has finally answered her. Jerusalem track has put her music career to another level. Indeed there is a time for everything.

The Jerusalem and Xola Moya Wam hitmaker puts God first in everything. On her recent performance on SABC 3 she said through the song Xola Moya Wam she was praying to God to intervene in corona virus pandemic.

Something has surprised her fans, her background and upbringing. According to thenation.co.za Nomcebo is a mother of two children and the oldest is 14 years old. Nomcebo is 26 years old, meaning she gave birth at the age of 12. She became a mother at a tender age and currently she is happily married.


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