VIDEO: Bontle Modiselle Takes On The ‘Afro WAP’ Challenge

Dance is life for Bontle Modiselle, she did what she is known for, breaking it down on the dance floor as she did an Afro WAP challenge.

Bontle Modiselle decided to take to Instagram to upload a video of herself doing a WAP challenge with a twist. The dance queen added a little bit of South Africa to the globally famous Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion anthem.

The TV personality and choreographer shared a video on her Instagram that left her fans amazed and motivated by her energy. She also received some love from some celebs who were in awe of her dedicated spirit, they also applauded her for her creativity.

Bontle, is a South African actress, television presenter, radio personality, dancer, choreographer, singer, and model. Because of her great dance moves in 2015, she starred in the dance film ‘Hear Me Move’, which resulted in her receiving an Africa Movie Academy Award nomination for Best Actress in a Supporting Role.

She has probably been dancing all her life and nothing will ever stop her. Even during her pregnancy, Bontle managed to do some choreography. Moreover, when most nursing mothers were battling baby fat, Bontle was busy dancing her way to a great figure.

– IHarare

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