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Lorna Maseko Gets Dragged Into Katlego Maboe’s Cheating Scandal

They say that when it rains it pours and it is currently pouring for famous television presenter, Katlego Maboe. yesterday he was exposed on a video that has since gone viral, for cheating on his spouse with his colleague and friend Nikita Murray.

His wife posted the video yesterday where she is seen questioning Katlego and eventually forcing a confession from him, the star can be seen to be very divAsted by his actions as he even admits who he slept with, live on video. His brother-in-law made sure to expose the star and also tag all of the companies that he is working with/for. A move, that some tweeps have called an assassination of his career.

In a long written confession, Katlego decided to set the record straight with everyone on his Instagram page and admit to cheating but vehemently deny any abuse allegations.


I was unfaithful to my partner during a very important time of our lives – an act I regret to this day. We are currently undergoing an unfortunate and painful separation which is being resolved through legal proceedings. As you can imagine, separations are quite a difficult thing to deal with, especially with a child involved.

In light of the comments made against me, I would like to state that I have never abused my partner. I have always and will always stand up against the abuse of women and children – in fact, the abuse of anyone for that matter.

I had chosen to deal with this matter privately to protect and safeguard our child. At the end of the day, our child is all that matters to me.

However, I will leave this to the legal system and let the truth have its day.”

These recent allegations have also dug up some skeletons in Katlego’s closet, a few years ago, rumours surfaced that Lorna Maseko and the Expresso presenter were in and entanglement. Katlego Maboe later opened up about the alleged cheating scandal during his in-depth interview with Gareth Cliff on Cliff Central. The cheating led to Lorna Maseko getting divorced and Katlego Maboe breaking up with his girlfriend.




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