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South Africa In Shock Over Somizi Mhlongo’s Real Age

It may seem that in general, the public is always skeptical about the ages of celebrities or favours people. This comes after people claimed that celebrities decide to say the age that is good with their brand as a person rather than their actual age. This is true to some degree. The popular term “Football Age” was invented for a reason.

What food all age pretty much means is that people present a way younger age than they actually are so they can stay in the game. This applies very much so in the game of fame too. The multi talented Somizi Mhlonga is an actor, a presenter, a dance and even a chef, South Africans are starting to believe there is nothing he can’t do. The only thing they do not believe though is his age.

The celebrity has been active in the TV industry for years now. He got his love for acting from his mother, who was a very great actor. His first big gig was in Sarafina. His role in the movie earned him all the fame he needed to open multiple doors to his success. The movie Sarafina came out back in 1992 and Somizi already looked a bit old.

It’s been over 20 years now and he is still going. Somizi Cliams that he is actually 46. According to his internet biography, he was born in 1976 in South Africa’s famous township, Soweto. This date of birth is the one the celebrity gives to the public. Many SoutH Africans believe he is older than he let’s on. The reason for this is not know, it could be the fact that he does look older.

This debate of his age has been a very long-lasting one. No one has ever really seen his identity documents. Some believe that even if that is so, maybe the documents were also manipulated. Most South Africans believe that Somizi is in his 50s as they say he looks very old.

The celebrity once addressed this on his reality show. He said that he is not so old, he just has a very hard problem with his skin that makes him look way older than he really is. This according to him fully explains to South Africans why he looks older. He says he has never manipulated or kied about his age.


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