The dirty things that your kids are doing in high schools

This have became a new norm to see children doing scary things that could shock you if you witness it. Time have really changed from the ancient times to this century. Where rules are being bend over and created to suite filthiness’ and lack of respect. Back then children were grounded and we’ll cultured. They had respect for themselves, elders and the society. Nowadays some children only respect their real parents and neglect the community as if they don’t exist.

School used to be an honorable place which is meant to inform, educate and it is a foundation for a better future. Now children go to school to impress friends and explore things they see on television or cellphones.

Children are no longer afraid to kiss in class or even make it a game through spin the bottle. Apart from kissing they even go further to perform s_x in the toilets, Forests or even be absent to do it on their parents marritorial bed.

This is really heart breaking and shocking. But it will only get worse since the universe is still expanding

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