The River: 2 Reasons Why Lindani Should Be Killed Instead Of Mabutho

I cannot believe it has come to this, I never saw this coming. Not in the teasers or any media outlets, but that’s why we love The River because there’s always something exciting happening and the teasers are so unforthcoming. The writing is so brilliant because they make certain that there’s always a cliff-hanger on a Friday. It’s like a new show that’s begging for ratings every Friday and we are like “You don’t have to try so hard to impress us, we like you already, in fact, we love you already and we’ll watch you come Monday.”

My soapie-instinct is telling me that something tragic is looming. Either Lindani or Mabutho will go. I’d rather have Lindani killed any day than Mabutho. Lindani thinks that Lindiwe doesn’t know that Tumi killed Mbali. Whereas Lindiwe , even Rakgadi knows her secret, the only person who doesn’t know is Zweli Dikana.

Here are 2 reasons why Lindani should die from the show:

Lindani is a weak link on The River, in terms of acting and storylines

Mabutho is definitely more talented. To prove my theory, the actor has mentioned in several interviews that his character was created because they loved his audition at another show. Lindani’s character has always revolved around Tumi. He’s never been an independent entity from the beginning of the show. Lindani is also not convincing and I like the rest of the country has always questioned his acting. I’d be really shocked if he lands another role on another show…actually he’ll fit perfectly on The Queen as they hire their actors based on fame/popularity.

Mabutho will be an asset to the Dikana’s

Mabutho is cold, unlike Lindani. He’ll be a great buddy to Zolani and an awesome henchman to Lindiwe…not that she needs more hands. We’ve grown attached to Mabutho because he’s made us understand the new-bitchy ‘Tumi Brooke Longan-Mokoena-Dikana-Dhlomo’. Mabutho is rough but Tumi needs a firm husband who will lead, strengthen, and grow her character.

So, for Lindani’s sake I hope he grows up moves on, and pretends he never heard anything because if he ruffles some feathers like some scorned lover, it will end in tears for him. Because A. Tumi will never love him either way and B. it will be the end of his character or his cousin; Mabutho.

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