16 Years Since Her Passing This Is What Brenda Fassie’s Child Is Doing

outh African music legend Brenda Fassie passed away in the year 2004, making 2020 the 16th year since her passing. Branda fassie’s music had a major influence in the south African music, she was witty, confident, cheerful and one of the most energetic performers of her time. She even earned the title “Queen of African Pop”

South Africans are still jamming to the music she put out whilst she was alive, classic songs that are seemingly not getting old, as new generations are enjoying too.

The artist had only one son. He followed in his mother’s footsteps by pursuing a music career. Bongani Fassie grew up to become a member of a band in the group Big Dudes. Bongani is multi-talented and played musical instruments which include the guitar, drums, congas, and the piano.

Bongani is also a hip hop start and has released two albums, Rise and African Boys. He has also done several collaborations with other musicians over the years.


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