DJ Euphonik’s Wives Spotted Partying Together

Euphonik’s social media reclusive wives, Ariel Nxumalo and Kholeka Qiniso Nxumalo, seem to be friends and actually have a sisterly relationship. Not much is known about the two, with many possibly being surprised to learn that Euphonik is married, twice over in actuality.

This past Friday, when the world was celebrating World Champagne Day, it seems that the two decided to party together. Ariel is an advocate that has a close friendship with other legal and business-minded wives and girlfriends (WAGS) of fellow leading DJs, like her close relationship with DJ Vigilante’s wife, Rethabile Seema. And Kholeka has only given herself the title of “mother of five,” making it clear where her passions lie.

But again, who would blame baby girl. When you are in a relationship with a globe-trotting DJ that created two different stage personalities for cashing in cheques from either being “Themba” or “Euphonik,” would you think about working when that was not where your passions lie? So, Kholeka is focused on motherhood, which would explain why her account has stayed private considering the possibility of how many images she shares of her children on the page.

Back to the story, the two were thick as thieves during their celebration of World Champagne Day. In a series of Instagram stories shared from their time together, it is apparent that the two do not only “get along,” but can definitely have together. Ariel was sported with a casual look and her newly grown natural hair, which she has embraced, and Kholeka dressed to impress in statement yellow blazer which she paired with a print, flowy jumpsuit.

The matter of Euphonik’s polygamous relationship might explain the man’s drive to continually secure the bag. In one his recent posts on Instagram, shared an image of himself looking out from his home out into his plot of vast land. His caption suggests that despite his already long list of achievements, he continues to dream even bigger and wants to achieve more.

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