Fans are saying the wind and russian bear played a big role for the John Vuli gate girl

The John Vuli gate girls won the heart of many people when they did their first performance as girls, everyone just fell in love with them and started following them on their social media platforms. People have been waiting for their next move until they posted a video of them doing the same dance but with guys, this time around.

People were so disappointed at the way they approached things, they said that they liked the first video and that is all they wanted. This one with guys is not even nice to them, plus why didn’t they change their clothes at least. They asking the girl who took the spotlight why she had to repeat clothes and change her hairstyle. Most people are saying she should’ve kept her hairstyle and changed her clothes.

Other tweeps are saying the wind and russian bear played a big role for the girl that day, and others are even not happy with the lady who was wearing a completely different outfit, and doing her own dance moves.

“Please next time leave missy Elliott at home she completely ruined the video it’s 2020 not 2002, tell the guys to stand far away and watch and not dance they completely savaged ruined the video is boring.”

It looks like this is the video that they are shooting for the song, so they have to be with the guys because they are the ones who called them.

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