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Katlego’s Wife Finally Speaks And Reveals The Kind Of Men Katlego Truly Is

The katleho Maboe story has become big now, especially with the wife now speaking her side of the story. All along, we have only heard one side of the story, and only heard what actually happened especially with the cheating and the STD that has been mentioned. As the media we only know one side of the story, rather we’re only told one part of the relationship.

Well it seems the media will be given a deeper insight into the lives of the couple. A more in-depth understanding as to what actually happened or what was happening in the relationship of the two people.

All this will happen or will come to us in an interview that Monique Muller did with a certain YouTube Channel were she discussed the nitty gritties of the relationship. How it started, what happened between them, the alleged physical abuse she suffered, and what kind of a father Katlego is.

In the interview is said that Monigue reveals that the two first met or had a one night stand. It is not clear if they had a one night stand while they had partners, which insinuates they cheated on each others partners. It is said that she also reveals what happened inside the relationship and the physical abuse that she went through. Now, if this is the case, it will surely ruin Katlego’s career, especially given the sensitivity of the issue in our country.

According to those who have seen the video, it is said that Muller actually breaks down and cries in other parts of the video. This shows we only know this much while there’s still more. Muller also describes their affair in a bold statement of “soul mates”, acknowledging that relationship was amazing.

She also reveals that Katlego is a great father. She even uses the F word for emphesis. As the media we await the publishing of the full interview, which is assumed to be damning and possibly career ending.


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