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Shocking list of things Kelly Khumalo wants her ex-boyfriend Jub Jub to do in order to see his Son

She has come up with what the father of her son should do in order to see his child! Singer and actress Kelly Khumalo has laid down the conditions which her ex-lover and baby-daddy, Jub Jub will need to fulfill if he ever wants to see their son Christian and to be a part of his son’s life.

The star of the reality television show “Life With Kelly Khumalo” has a rather fractious relationship with Jub Jub who has alleged that she is preventing him from seeing his son Christian, ever since he got released from prison.

In a recent interview, Kelly was asked by local podcaster MacG on his popular podcast Podcast And Chill, about Jub Jub. She initially made it clear that Jub Jub is not needed in their lives, saying,

However, MacG persisted and asked what she would do if Jub Jub comes looking for his son. In response, Kelly said that if Jub Jub really wants to be a part of Christian’s life he needs to make amends for what he did in the past. According to Kelly, Jub Jub will need to apologize to her ancestors and to slaughter an animal to show his contrition.

Said Kelly,

‘It requires a lot. It requires owning up to his past mistakes, amending not just to me. He must apologize to my family and the ancestors, and that includes the slaughtering of an animal. But again, that’s only if he thinks his son is worth it.’

Kelly who has full custody of Christian has previously suggested that Jub Jub is an absentee father who isn’t involved in the life of his child. She claimed that there is no point in keeping the boy away from a father who has made no effort to find him.

In an episode of the reality television show, the songstress revealed that Christian had been suspended from school for stealing and Kelly’s mom was heard saying the boy’s behavior was because he doesn’t have a father figure to model himself after. She went on to say that a boy child needs his father.

Kelly responded by saying that she won’t be made a fool of by Jub Jub, claiming that she hadn’t seen or spoken to Jub Jub in 9 years and will not go the extra mile into trying to convince him to be a good father to his son.

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