Tired of bad breath? 3 proven home remedies for you

It can be quite embarrassing when talking to someone and the next thing you observe that the person is showing signs of not being comfortable due to the odour coming out from your mouth. Worry no more as I would be showing you ways in which you can easily manage this.

Practice a good dental hygiene

From research and studies, it has been seen that poor dental hygiene contributes largely to bad breath. The key to maintaining a healthy mouth is to prevent the build up of plaque. Use flouride toothpaste to brush your mouth thoroughly at least twice a day.

This helps to prevent the growth of bacteria in the mouth which could cause tooth decay and bad breath.

Tongue could also harbor bacteria which causes a foul smell. You can practice tongue scraping which can help you remove the thin film layer. This can be done with the aid of a toothbrush or a specialized tongue scraper.


It has been speculated that pineapple juice is effective in curing bad breath.

It’s recommended to drink a glass of pineapple juice after a meal or you can just eat it like that too. Take note to rinse your mouth after you eat the pineapple because of the sugar content.


Studies has shown that dryness of the mouth causes bad breath. This is due to the fact that saliva plays an important role in keeping your mouth clean if not bacteria finds a conducive environment to thrive and survive.

You have to prevent dry mouth by keeping your body hydrated. Make conscious effort to drink water throughout the day to encourage the production of saliva.


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