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SAD: More bad news hit Katlego Maboe

The famous TV host, singer-songwriter and accountant became the focus of the week. A video of his confession revealing that he had indeed cheated on her with Nikita Murray was released after his wife Monique Miller.

The career of Katlego Maboe has already gone to the great short left. It has not been more than 72 hours since the outrageous video began to circulate on social media, but it already seems as if the career picture of Katlego is being dragged through the mud. A marriage was destroyed and the well being of everyone on the line was destroyed.

Outsurance has announced that all ads featuring Katlego Maboe will be taken down with immediate effect, as something of a final nail to the coffin. On Chanel24, Outsurance spokesperson Natasha Kawulesar made it clear. We are aware of the problem surrounding Katlego Maboe and have been involved in it with him.

To deal with these personal situations, we want to give Katlego and his family time and space. In the meantime, as soon as possible, we will delete all commercials featuring Katlego. This seems to be the only way the company can keep the reputation of the company from being filthy.


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