The Queen Schumacher Actor Joins His Real Life Girlfriend Renate Stuurman As Her Fictional Boyfriend On Unmarried

The couple that works together, stays together.

Actor Vuyo Ngcukana and his real life girlfriend Renate Stuurman, are serving some serious goals on and off the screen.

Renate Stuurman recently took to Twitter to announce that Vuyo Ngcukana was joining the cast of Unmarried.

Renate stars on Unmarried as Brenda, while Vuyo, is well known in The Queen for the role of Schumacher.

Vuyo recently joined Unmarried and he will playing the character of Phelo, who will be a doctor.

The ironic twist is that the two of them will be playing a fictitious couple on TV as well.

Renate Stuurman is an accomplished actress herself, having starred in 7de Laan as Denise, Isidingo as Jade, and on Scandal among others.

The actress took to Twitter to congratulate Vuyo on her new role writing

Vuyo what a perfect introduction to #UnMarried2, I’ve been biting my tongue for months and finally,the cat’s out of the bag!! I can’t wait for everyone to get to know the good doctor and to see you shine!!!

Vuyo Ngcukana made it clear he’s excited to be working with his real life girl on TV saying

Thank you so much, this means so much to me and to be working with someone I’ve loved and admired for so long is a blessing, thank you for this introduction

The fans were also jazzed to have the couple sharing the same TV space.

Here are some of the tweets.

“This couple is showing us their real life chemistry even on set”

“A couple that plays together, stays together! #BlackLove”

“OMG! I am super excited about this i literally screamed when i saw you together Red heart”

We’re definitely camping at Unmarried now!

– IHarare

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